The Sky & Tree session

If your dogs are like mine, any hint that it’s walk or park time brings out jubilation – exactly how I want to remember them.

While enjoying the scent of pine or the ocean, we’ll catch every nuzzle and cocked-to-the-side head that make you love your pet even more.

(We’ll get images of your dog solo, of course, but trust me – someday the images of you playing with them or holding them close will be worth all the kibble in the world.)

Golden Retriever at beach in Dana Point

What you receive:

  • A phone consultation
  • An outdoor photo session
  • In person ordering session
  • 2 matted portraits


(Don’t be surprised if you want more – additional artisan prints and unexpected display options available.)

Woman hugging her dog in Dana Point

My dog Bailey and I so enjoyed meeting and working with Helén. I especially appreciated how she listened to my preferences for the type of photos I like and how she made sure Bailey was comfortable at all times. We LOVED the experience and made a wonderful friend.

– Kathy

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