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How to Stop Worrying

Do you tend to worry about things? You are about to try something new and worry kicks in. You look at your bank statement and worry taps on your shoulder. You lose a client and worry enters the room. You read the news about all the bad things happening in the world and worry wants […]

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A Time Management Check

“I don’t have enough time.” It’s one of the sentences I hear most often from my clients and a sentence my own brain wants to think too. But what is enough time? How many hours or days would be enough? Time is a mental construct. Time just is. What you think about time is what […]

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Feeling stuck? Try this.

Experts estimate we have about 60,000 – 80,000 thoughts per day. Most of them are recycled thoughts. Thoughts we have been thinking hundreds or thousands of times. Our brain likes to create patters because it takes less energy to follow a pattern and one of the brain’s jobs is to preserve energy. It wouldn’t be […]

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Why Hard is Good

Do you think it shouldn’t be this hard? Running your business, work life balance, dealing with relationships, taking care of your health… Are you sure? Who said it shouldn’t be this hard? Life is 50/50. We experience positive feelings and negative feelings. A friend once told me a story her grandmother had shared with her […]

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It’s Not Better There Than Here

“When I’ve made $200k, then I’ll feel successful.” “As soon as I’ve won that award, then I’ll feel accomplished.” “In one month from now, when things have slowed down, I’ll feel calm.” When ________ (fill in the blank) happens, then I will feel ________ (fill in the blank). This is what my clients tell me. […]


What’s this “fika” thing about?

“Wow, we are going to fika again?” my husband said a few days in on his first trip to Sweden. It wasn’t until then I realized that “fika” (pronounced fee-ka) is actually a thing for us Swedes, a part of life that most of us could not imagine living without. It’s about relaxation and enjoyment […]