Book pile

3 of the Books on my Nightstand

Every few weeks I clean up and deconstruct the book tower on my nightstand, but somehow the tower magically rebuilds itself. It probably happens at night when I’m asleep. If there is a thing called book addiction, this describes me perfectly. How about you? Today, I wanted to share with you three of the building […]

The words not now typed on typewriter

Are you a procrastinator too?

Have you ever been there? Felt that stress coming over you as fast as a cheetah? Why did I wait until the last minute? Maybe you had to run through the airport trying to find your gate, dreading the flight display would show “closed” any minute now? Or you had to stay up all night […]

Interview Image J Nichole Smith

From Stress to Self-Care

If it’s not your work calendar looking like a colorful patchwork, it’s reminders on your phone telling you to call the plumber, buy dog food, fix a birthday gift for the party next weekend, respond to those five text messages you didn’t get to between phone calls and work stuff… Author, Designer, Photographer, Brand Consultant […]

Green apples image header for healthy eating tip

Super Duper Easy Healthy Eating Tip #1

A few years ago I went through some pretty rough health issues. I mean rough as in emergency visits, barely being able to walk up the stairs at home and uncontrollably loosing weight. It was scary. Thankfully, I came out the other side much stronger and healthier than I actually was before (maybe I’ll tell […]

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