Why do I need it?

Tell me if this makes you nod your head:

Every time you tap your phone, you get an outpouring of noise: from political shouting matches to endless picture perfect lives. Let’s not forget the many people and dogs in need. Sometimes it seems like you get sucked into a dark downward spiral and when you finally do poke your head up and try to shake it all off, the feeling you are left with is hopelessness and frustration: I must do better, be better, give more…

Still nodding? Porla & Pine is for you.

Porla & Pine offers a virtual space to be still. To feel ok with who you are. To regain clarity on what is actually important in life.

We provide stories and interviews that nourish your spirit and sprinkle your busy week with moments of inner peace. Here, we talk about real life (not the picture perfect one), authentic wellness (that’s actually achievable), exploring the beautiful world around us and loving and living with dog.

Our mission is to be the calm and friendly voice. Instead of the dark descent to not good enough, we are a place where you can find your feet and recharge.

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Fika | fee-ka | Swedish for sharing a cup

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