Helen Thompson Porla and Pine sitting on the ground holding camera

Do you ever feel your life is a train without brakes? You see the stations rush by, cities and colorful landscapes flashing past and you want to stop and take it all in, but the train just keeps speeding forward and time flies right along with it.

My journey started in the countryside of Sweden. In the summer, wandering pine-scented forests, fingers painted blue from picking buckets of blueberries. In the winter, skiing tracks in untouched snow. Life seemed so much more peaceful back then.

I entered work life checking passengers in at a tiny airport, the kind with only two gates, sending them off to some big city or tropical paradise far away. After that, whether cheering on sweaty customers at the local gym or fitting ambitious professionals into new jobs as a recruiter, I’ve been the person to help people get from one place to another. My great joy has been to inspire them along their way.

I’m thrilled to invite you along for a new part of the voyage.

Thanks to a wonderful American man in whose arms I found my home, I’ve spent the last 10 years in Southern California where the sun always seems to shine and the palm trees grow tall. I’ve watched life through the lens of my camera, capturing heartwarming moments between humans and dogs. Now, still with camera in hand, I’m thrilled to invite you along for a new voyage…

Porla & Pine was crafted from a deep desire to create a place of serenity and authenticity, a comparison-free zone where we can all feel “good enough” and experience moments of inner peace. All infused with stories about life, wellness, exploring the world and of course, our four legged furry companions.

It’s time to start hopping off the train more often and reconnecting to the pine forest, the fresh snow or wherever you find tranquillity.


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Photographer Helen Thompson Porla and Pine with her dogs

I bet you’ll soon look forward to this quiet patch of light in your week. We both will.

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