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Many of my clients don’t like marketing.

They tell me they don’t like to sell themselves.

Some compare themselves to others and don’t think they are good enough or have enough experience.

Others just don’t like to talk about themselves or try to push someone into buying from them.

So either they don’t put themselves out there or they do, but from a place of dread or pressure.

The result?

Not great.

Which gives their brain evidence they were right: They aren’t good enough and marketing and selling yourself is awkward.

So, we explore their thoughts and start focusing on one simple concept.


It’s Not About You

Marketing is not about you. Selling is not about you.

Marketing and selling is ALL about your clients:

What do they need help with?

What would make their life better, easier, more fun…?

What do they wish for?

What are their struggles?

What would make it easy for them?

Most clients care about one thing and one thing only:

What’s in it for them?

Your job is to show them.

Offer to help them, but drop your own agenda and stop trying to push them into buying.

Just focus on them. On their needs. Truly care.

Put yourself in their shoes.

Be authentic. Be a human.

Show up with devotion, curiosity and love and see how marketing and selling was not what you thought.


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