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“I don’t have enough time.”

It’s one of the sentences I hear most often from my clients and a sentence my own brain wants to think too.

But what is enough time?

How many hours or days would be enough?

Time is a mental construct.

Time just is.

What you think about time is what creates how you feel about time.

When sitting in the chair at the dentist, I’m guessing time couldn’t go fast enough.

When looking at all the things you want to do in your workweek or during your weekend, I’m guessing you would like more time to do it all.

If you think: “I don’t have enough time”, your brain will go to prove it.

Instead of thinking your day as 24 hours, what if you thought about it as receiving $24,000 every day for you to spend? You can’t save any of it for next day. Once the day is over the money would be gone. How would you spend it?

Now, let’s take a look at how you spend your time.

Make a list of your top 5 TIME priorities, in order. What you would like to spend your time on, either in your business or life as a whole?

Why did you put them in this order?

Why is your number 1 priority so important to you?

Are you currently living in line with these priorities?

Does anything need to change in order to align them better?

Instead of telling yourself “I don’t have enough time”, perhaps explore how you want to prioritize it and be ok to let go of the rest. You can reevaluate your decision at any time.

“I would like to travel and not work”, you might say.

“Ok, how can you make that happen?”, I’ll ask.

If you can’t find a way that works for you, maybe you’ll decide that you want to continue to work and finance your travels that way.

There are no right or wrong.

We all have 24 hours/day and it’s completely up to you how you want to spend it.


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