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No matter your industry, product or service, if you want to become successful in your business, you need to take lots of different actions and be willing to fail forward.

Our actions are driven by our feelings. Therefore, you have to create feelings, that generate the actions, that will lead to the result you want. Feelings like commitment, confidence, curiosity, courage, motivation, determination and capability.

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So how do you create those feelings?

All our feelings are created by our thoughts.

When we think certain thoughts, we feel a certain way.

Our brain likes to be efficient. It likes to think the same thoughts over and over to save energy.

In order for new thoughts to “stick” and become new “truths” and beliefs (thoughts the brain thinks over and over), we have to practice these new thoughts. Often.

We have to create what’s called new neural pathways.

So when you have figured out what thoughts create the feelings you need, to generate the actions you need to take, to create the results you want in your business…it’s time to go to work.

I would suggest to narrow it down and make a list of your top 7 thoughts you want to practice and put it somewhere you can see it.

Then, read the thoughts quietly to yourself as often as you can, daily.

Here are some examples:


Feeling: Commitment

Thought: I will be doing this no matter what.


Feeling: Confidence.

Thought: I got this.


Feeling: Curiosity

Thought: I wonder what would be a more effective way to do this.


Feeling: Courage

Thought: I will do this even if it feels uncomfortable.


Feeling: Motivation

Thought: This is important.


Feeling: Determination

Thought: I will find a way to solve this.


Feeling: Capability

Thought: If others can, so can I.


There are no right or wrong feelings or thoughts. You decide when and what feelings you need to generate and what thought that creates that feeling for you.

In order for your brain to accept the new thought, it has to believe it. Click here to read the blog post “What No One Told You About Positive Thinking”.

By practicing your new thoughts, you are creating your feelings on purpose. Soon you’ll see how it impacts both your actions and results.


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