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Feelings. Isn’t that just some fluffy self-development stuff?

Not if you care about the results you want to create in your business and life.

Feelings are directly tied to our actions and our actions create our result. We do and don’t do things based on how we feel.

If you feel committed, you’ll take different actions than if you feel stuck.

For example, if you feel committed to do something you might: Create a plan, take massive action, focus, work on finding solutions to problems and ask for help if needed. The result? You get it done.

On the other hand, if you feel stuck you probably: Spin in confusion, get distracted, procrastinate, find reasons to why it won’t work and use negative self-talk. The result? You won’t get it done.

Feelings just don’t happen to us. We create them with our thoughts. What we think will generate how we feel.

In order to create the result you want, you have to create feelings that generate the actions that will lead to that result. Feelings like commitment, confidence, curiosity, courage, motivation, determination and capability.

So how do you create those feelings?

It all starts with your thoughts.

What do you need to think, to create the feeling that will generate the actions you need to take? Only you know.

Start practicing asking yourself that question and see what happens.

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