In Pursuit of Inner Peace & Joyful Living

What is Porla & Pine?

Porla & Pine was created by Certified Life Coach Helén Thompson.

Centered around a blog and weekly emails, Porla & Pine delivers actionable tips and resources to women who feels stuck and want to get back on the path to the business and life they always dreamed of.

Does this sound like you?

  • You feel stuck in your business or life. 
  • You feel like there’s never enough time. 
  • You find yourself procrastinating on tasks and decisions. 
  • You wish for an end to the negative self-talk. 

Yes to any of these?

Then I think you’ll like it here! Grab a cup of tea and come on in

Helen Thompson founder of Porla and Pine with cup of tea

Fika Notes. Our weekly tea date – in your inbox.

Fika | fee-ka | Swedish for sharing a cup

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Porla & Pine was crafted from a deep desire to help women get unstuck from overwhelm in their business and life. To help them back onto a path where they feel enough and can be high achievers and reach their dream goals without sacrificing their health and relationships.